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Established 2019 in Ezytrade Africa has been offering world-class digital technology.

Positive pleasure-oriented goals are much more powerful motivators than negative fear-based ones. Although each is successful separately, the right combination of both is the most powerful motivational force known to humankind.


We are firm believers that shared-digital-economic model is triggering rapid and sustainable integrated African Economy. We are therefore facilitating businesses with digital ecosystems to easy doing business in Africa. Our digital ecosystem consists of Cashless Payments, Agricultural Value Chain Focused Mobile Apps, Logistics Marketplace Apps, and a Digital Marketplace for Products and Services.

The rural African market has untapped potential to become the market leader for e-commerce business and entrepreneurs. Since independence, a lot has happened in terms of boosting the rural productivity through co-operatives or block farming, we believe digital distribution of commercial products within Africa rural and urban will make sure intra-African trade hence grow economies fast. Therefore, the urgent need of the minute is to accelerate the expansion of commercial enterprises and e-commerce businesses in rural areas.

Africa has emerged as one of the diverse countries worldwide, and more than 70% of Africa's population abides in villages or rural parts of Africa. The primary source of earning for people residing in rural areas is agro-based products as well as the regular crops produced by these village people only. Since independence, the agro-based sector in Africa has gained momentum in terms of growth. It contributes half of the country's overall economy, and a significant bunch of population generates their livelihood from the agro-based sector. It's a daunting reality that Africa hasn't witnessed the growth and rapid development in the agribusiness and agriculture sector as most of the people surviving in rural areas have got marginal land with them. After all, they are not much familiar with modern farming methods and techniques. In addition to this, they don't have adequate facilities in order to utilize it in full capacity.

Exploring agricultural potential is a crucial factor that stimulates economic growth and can eventually lead to the development of an agro-based economy. The leading development powerhouse is the expansion of the agri-based sector, which is the dominant source of growth that took place in recent times. Africa stands at first rank in terms of number of active users of the internet. This number encompasses urban as well as rural areas. With various government initiatives concerning the broader picture of digital villages where maximum people will be able to enjoy internet facilities, there is a substantial rise in the number of internet users.

Village E-Commerce
E-commerce in rural Africa is on the rise as the trend of online shopping has become the trend in the last few years. Most people are inclined to purchase various forms of communities and take advantage of different services via online platforms. This practice is not restricted to urban areas but has also come into practice in full swing in Africa's rural parts. In rural areas of Africa, there is a high penetration of internet and mobile-friendly individuals. The African governments are leaving no stone unturned in establishing the connection between all the villages and small towns through optical fiber by keeping its eyes on making Africa digital on a massive scale. In this regard, the objective of the African governments is to provide citizens living in villages or rural parts of Africa the benefits of online services. The yearning shift in the lifestyle of individuals living in rural parts of Africa became a possibility. Without making much effort, they will be getting all brands available at a single store.