About Ezytrade Africa Limited

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Business Central


This simply is a Sellers’’ Back-Office were Sellers manage their online orders. The Seller will be able to monitor sales, staff, manage Resellers, Manage Distribution, Manage Payments and all financial aspects.

Assisted Ecommerce (e-commerce marketplace)


Buyers have an option to buy straight from their gadgets or walk to the Ezytrade Wakala for assisted online purchase. The System is built to be operated by Digital Assistants almost all in its operations. Sales options such as #Wekesha, #GroupBuy, #Ask-for-a=Quote and #Auction are giving buyers purchasing options hence easing access to products and services.

OMIS (Digital Agribusiness Platform)


This combination of web and Mobile Apps is the ecosystem in itself aiming at digitizing business cycles right from the farm level all the way through touching every Value-chain Player. Block Farming and system of collective purchasing and buying weaved with payment gateways straight to farmers (players’ e-wallets) will trigger Agri Financing at its best.



This is a logistics marketplace hyper-looped with a marketplace to lower transportation costs for transporters by flagging out all consignments for Transporters to see, bid and aggregate in their chosen routes.