About Ezytrade Africa Limited

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Our Impact

Small Business

The Global Manufacturing wave is hitting Africa. Our mission is to aggregate small quality volumes of products and present them to the world-market. We are very proud of tons of products produced the army of small producers in Africa.

E-commerce Marketplace

Buyers have an option to buy straight from their gadgets or walk to the Ezytrade Wakala for assisted online purchase. The System is built to be operated by Digital Assistants almost all in its operations. Sales options such as #Wekesha, #GroupBuy, #Ask-for-a=Quote and #Auction are giving buyers purchasing options hence easing access to products and services.

We Are Responsive and Flexible

This is perhaps the single biggest obstacle that all of us must overcome in order to be successful.


Our impact on this sector which employs over 65% of Africans is to aggregate demand and supply and make essential products and services (including financial inlusion) accessible digitally.

Youth Entrepreneurship

Ezytrade Ecosystem is designed to unleash digital economic potentials to African Youg Digital Entrepreneurs. Readily available opportunities are as follow”.

  • Opening up an Online-Shop alongside your physically existing shop for shop owners or manufacturers or processors of products and Services Providers such as Lawyers, Accountants, Graphic Designers, Décor Artists; the list is endless.
  • There are tremendous opportunities in working as Sales Agents, Fulfillments Agents, Warehouse Attendants, Account Activators & Managers, and Fulfillment Centre Attendants. Most of these roles are commission based operations designed to unleash Youth Entrepreneurship in Digital Services
  • The big part of this digital ecosystem is picking up and delivering small parcels around. This is designed to be carried out by the army of motorbike riders in all parts of Africa.